Marije Nie's Purple Gazelle

Purple Gazelle is a new band built around the classic combination of tap dance and jazz. Virtuosic feet, stomping rhythms, open ballads and free improvisations bring out intense interactions between the musicians and the tap dancer. Together they hunt for sounds, grooves and songs that fit and challenge both the dancer and the musicians. A concert of Purple Gazelle is a journey into jazz sounds and rhythms, into movement that becomes music. With classic songs by Duke Ellington as a starting point and the avant garde jazz as beacon, Purple Gazelle looks for adventure. They keep one leg firmly in the (glorious) past and one leg into the future, tap dancer Marije Nie and her musicians create new paths in the rich tradition of tap dance and jazz. Marije Nie: tap dance Christian Pabst: piano Guillaume Ortet: bas Erik Kooger: drums

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the Purple Gazelles are
Marije Nie_s Purple Gazelle
Marije Nie - tap

tap dancer Marije Nie is a dancing musician, using her feet as a percussion instrument.

Marije Nie_s Purple Gazelle
Christian Pabst - piano

Christian Pabst is an award winning young pianist, who also composes jazz and film music.

Marije Nie_s Purple Gazelle
Guillaume Ortet

Guillaume studied bass at the Conservatory of Amsterdam, and for years hosts and plays the session at jazz café Gollum's.